100 Strangers – 8/100

Von |2016-11-11T18:23:33+01:00August 6th, 2013|100 Strangers, Porträt|

Ich werde hier nicht wiederholen, dass ich versuche von Unbekannten auf der Straße ein Portrait zu fotografieren. Dazu habe ich mich ja schon einige Male in vorherigen Posts geaeussert. Allerdings könnte ich mir schon wieder einige Mal an den Kopf schlagen, wie ich so etwas wichtiges vergesse wie den Namen dieses jungen Mannes zu fragen. [...]

Vesak am Celebration Square

Von |2016-11-11T20:08:45+01:00Juni 8th, 2013|Reise|

Ich habe schon in einigen Großstädten in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt gelebt, aber Mississauga ist mit Abstand der am internationalste Ort, den ich bisher kennengelernt habe. Der Besuch im Square One, der zur Zeit größten Mall Ontarios, erinnert mich wegen seiner vielen Sprachen und Nationalitäten jedesmal an einen Großflughafen. Vor allem asiatische Kulturen sind reichlich [...]

St-Sava Serbian Orthodox

Von |2018-06-26T10:39:12+02:00November 11th, 2012|Reise|

We have discovered another interesting church in Mississauga. The Serbian St-Sava Serbian Orthodox. It is on the intersection of Dundas and Dixie in Mississauga. It is not only beautiful from the outside but very nice and colourful from the outside. The day we visited the church there was still a ceremony going on and [...]

Random stranger

Von |2016-11-12T00:27:19+01:00Oktober 29th, 2012|100 Strangers, Porträt|

Limiting my 100 Strangers project to Mississaugans makes it a little more challenging to find people. It is getting dark earlier, temperatures are falling and these last days we are having a lots of rain. I asked the Square One Management for permission to approach people within the mall. Unfortunately they declined my request which [...]

Fall Portrait

Von |2016-07-27T20:56:02+02:00Oktober 17th, 2012|Porträt|

I have mentioned previously that I love to go out and take photos in the fall. Too bad this wonderful colors only last a couple of weeks. Even in Mississauga downtown one can find nice places to take some portraits with the typical fall colors. I have lighted this portrait with two flashes. I have [...]

6/100 Mississaugans

Von |2016-11-11T23:51:52+01:00Oktober 16th, 2012|100 Strangers|

Jessica just finished work and was waiting outside her office building in Downtown Mississauga waiting for her ride. I just had time to tell her about the project, ask her name and shoot the photo. All I know that Jessica was born in Canada but her roots are in Jamaica.

3/100 Mississaugans

Von |2016-07-27T20:56:13+02:00Oktober 3rd, 2012|Allgemein|

Hyung-Bok came from Korea 11 years ago. He is full of energy and smiling all the time. His name actually means "Happy". Thanks for showing me some of your taekwondo tricks.

2/100 Mississaugans

Von |2016-11-11T22:39:57+01:00Oktober 1st, 2012|100 Strangers|

Terry is the creator of the Meadowvale Miniature Village in Mississauga. He started working on it 15 years ago and although his and his mom´s backyard are full of his beautiful creations he keeps going. thanks for participating in the project!

1/100 Mississaugans

Von |2016-11-11T23:35:39+01:00September 30th, 2012|100 Strangers|

A few years ago I read about a project called 100 Strangers. The basic idea is to talk to random people in the street and ask them to take their picture. Since the first day I read about this I loved the idea and wanted to do a similar project myself. People are my favorite [...]

Happy Canada Day

Von |2016-10-22T00:23:47+02:00Juli 7th, 2012|Allgemein|

I admit it is a little late but I have not had the time to look through my images earlier. The management of our condo decided this year to open the roof terrace to all residents to watch the Canada Day Mississauga fireworks together.  Usually it is closed and can be rented for private parties. [...]

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