Pumpkin Parade

Von |2016-10-22T00:23:52+02:00November 3rd, 2011|Allgemein|

You have invested some time of thinking and designing your pumpkin. But what do you do with it once Halloween is over? Throw it away? Compost it? A more fun way for everybody is to take it to the Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade on November 1st.  We had heard about it and had to go [...]

Happy Halloween

Von |2016-11-19T10:52:16+01:00Oktober 27th, 2011|Allgemein|

Halloween was coming closer and we started seeing pumpkin faces all over the place. I've never carved a pumpkin in my life. Halloween has no tradition in Europe and is just starting to kick off. I guess by watching so many American movies and TV shows it feels more familiar. Besides, companies see the [...]

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