Melissa and Diego

Von |2016-10-22T00:23:46+02:00März 11th, 2013|Hochzeit|

I am back from Costa Rica and finally managed to go through most the images of Melissa's and Diego's wedding. First of all I would like to thank both of them again for the unique opportunity to be part of their dream wedding in Costa Rica. Melissa was stunning. An incredible beautiful bride and Diego [...]

Back from Costa Rica

Von |2016-10-22T00:23:46+02:00März 8th, 2013|Reise|

We are back from our trip to Costa Rica where I had the honour to accomany the wedding of Melissa and Diego with my camera. Photos of the wedding will follow on my wedding blog. We were lucky enough to rent a car for ourselfes two days and discover the surroundings by ourselves. Another day [...]

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