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Finally I have fought my way through over 1,000 images which I had taken during our Easter trip to Chicago. An incredible friendly city that has so much to offer. Museums, architecture, sports, concerts, food, beaches, only name a few. I will definitely be back at some in the near future and discover more [...]

Back from Chicago

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We are back from a few wonderful days in the Windy City. Not bring we back little stories and interesting experiences but tons of photos which will have to sorted, tagged and processed. Although I enjoy doing the computer work it is tough looking through all the images right after coming back home from a [...]

First impressions Chicago

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I can't help it but I am comparing Chicago to Toronto. Is it because people told us before that they are twin cities or is it just so obvious? I don't know but being on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Centre you can see certain similarities although a lot of Chicago's skyline seems [...]

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