100 Strangers – 11/100

Von |2016-08-01T09:23:26+02:00August 22nd, 2013|100 Strangers, Porträt|

Brian habe ich im Hafen von Bar Harbor in Maine kennengelernt. Dort versucht er Aufmerksamkeit auf seine und die Arbeit seiner Familie zu lenken. Sein Vater und er gehören zu den wenigen Menschen, die noch die traditionellen Techniken beherrschen Schneeschuhe herzustellen. Er gehört übrigens zum Stamm der Mi'kmaq Indianer. Ich war auch etwas stutzig, aber [...]

Melissa and Diego

Von |2016-10-22T00:23:46+02:00März 11th, 2013|Hochzeit|

I am back from Costa Rica and finally managed to go through most the images of Melissa's and Diego's wedding. First of all I would like to thank both of them again for the unique opportunity to be part of their dream wedding in Costa Rica. Melissa was stunning. An incredible beautiful bride and Diego [...]

Pool picture

Von |2016-07-27T20:55:52+02:00Januar 25th, 2013|Allgemein|

This year we decided to spend the Christmas Holidays in North America and not fly back to Europe. The obvious choice was to visit my sister and her family in Denver. I think I am still objective if I say that they are one of the cutest families ever. Both girls are just adorable and [...]

Another stranger in St. Jacobs

Von |2016-10-22T00:23:46+02:00November 11th, 2012|100 Strangers, Porträt|

  Unfortunately I still have not found the time to continue looking for more strangers in Mississauga. When I come home after work it is not only pretty cold but pitch dark. I do not only want to take the photo but I want to have a portrait with nice light. On the weekends the [...]

Random stranger

Von |2016-11-12T00:27:19+01:00Oktober 29th, 2012|100 Strangers, Porträt|

Limiting my 100 Strangers project to Mississaugans makes it a little more challenging to find people. It is getting dark earlier, temperatures are falling and these last days we are having a lots of rain. I asked the Square One Management for permission to approach people within the mall. Unfortunately they declined my request which [...]

6/100 Mississaugans

Von |2016-11-11T23:51:52+01:00Oktober 16th, 2012|100 Strangers|

Jessica just finished work and was waiting outside her office building in Downtown Mississauga waiting for her ride. I just had time to tell her about the project, ask her name and shoot the photo. All I know that Jessica was born in Canada but her roots are in Jamaica.

3/100 Mississaugans

Von |2016-07-27T20:56:13+02:00Oktober 3rd, 2012|Allgemein|

Hyung-Bok came from Korea 11 years ago. He is full of energy and smiling all the time. His name actually means "Happy". Thanks for showing me some of your taekwondo tricks.


Von |2016-11-19T00:32:41+01:00Oktober 2nd, 2012|Allgemein|

I used to have several Lightroom catalogues with all kind of different projects but decided to reduce them to one personal and one professional catalogue. I personally find it easier to quickly browse through my photos this way. At the same time I decided to update the process version of all photo to the [...]

Wedding cake toppers

Von |2016-10-22T00:23:46+02:00August 28th, 2012|Hochzeit|

I am a big fan of the different wedding cake toppers I see at weddings. A lot of couple spend some time on choosing figures that actually mean something to them. The wedding cake becomes a lot more personal. By no means I am an expert but a like the fun ones. This soccer player [...]

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