A few years ago I read about a project called 100 Strangers. The basic idea is to talk to random people in the street and ask them to take their picture. Since the first day I read about this I loved the idea and wanted to do a similar project myself. People are my favorite subject but unfortunately I do not shoot them often enough these days. Besides I thought that talking to strangers would help me overcome a social shyness I sometimes suffer from. By the way as a wedding photographer I have never had any problems. But that is a different story I might tell some other time. Anyway, I had several attempts of starting the project but always came up with excuses.

Now living in Mississauga I thought it would be a great place with so many people from different backgrounds calling this city their home. Initially I even thought about finding strangers from 100 different countries or ethnic backgrounds. If not in GTA where else would I ever have the opportunity finding so many different cultures. Fearing that this could be another of my excuses delaying the project I decided to only limit myself to people in Mississauga. Today I can proudly say that I finally kicked off my project of 100 Mississaugans.

Yesterday when we visited the Meadowvale Miniature Village during Mississauga´s Open Doors I met James and told him about the project. Obviously I asked him if he would like to take part in it and he agreed right away. So, I took a few photographs of him. I am happy that the first stranger I asked said yes which gave me a boost in confidence.

No more excuses!