Since our arrival it is already the second time that we visited the Bruce Peninsula. We stayed on the Tobermory Village Campground just a few kilometers outside of Tobermory which (from what I could see) was managed by Amish people. I don’t know any of their background but I was surprised that they spoke German without any accent. I hadn´t gone camping for quite some time and I had to get used to the public washrooms and the sleeping mat again. However, it was a great experience overall. I guess you either hate or love it.

The Bruce Peninsula has so much to offer and encourage everybody to spend a long weekend in the region. In the end it is just a 4 hour drive from Toronto.

This visit was very different to our previous one. The first time we stayed in a B&B in April 2011. There were hardly any tourists, most places were still closed, it was pretty cold and the snow had not melted yet. During the August long weekend Toberymory was very busy and tourists were everywhere. But I think since accommodations are limited it is not packed like other places and still enjoyable.