Finally I have fought my way through over 1,000 images which I had taken during our Easter trip to Chicago. An incredible friendly city that has so much to offer. Museums, architecture, sports, concerts, food, beaches, shopping….to only name a few. I will definitely be back at some in the near future and discover more of the „Windy City“. Probably I am not the only photographer who has the problem of taking the first few days the typical tourist pictures. l believe that we all have to take the obvious photos and get them out of the way. Once these are done it is much easier starting to focus on your point of view. Showing with images how you have experienced the city. Besides I have to add that I only had received a short time ago my new 17-40mm lens which I hardly took off the camera. Usually I try to concentrate more on details but this time I did a lot of wide angle shots. I wanted to get to know my lens better and used it as much as I could. So if I go again my photos for sure will be very different.