Unfortunately I still have not found the time to continue looking for more strangers in Mississauga. When I come home after work it is not only pretty cold but pitch dark. I do not only want to take the photo but I want to have a portrait with nice light. On the weekends the weather was really bad and my request to take photos inside the mall was denied.

Like the previous person I have met this gentleman on the market in St. Jacbos. His beard caught my attention and besides he had a camera hanging around his neck which always makes it easier. I approached him and told him about my project. He was happy to pose for me but before he put on his „nicest smile“ he asked me to move to a corner where it was less windy.  When I showed him the photo on the camera display he laughed and told me that he had to move on. I could not even ask for his name. He only mentioned that he lives in Berlin, Ontario. The cities name was actually changed in 1916 to Kitchener. But I guess for him it was still Berlin. Thank you!

As a sidenote: I have watched part of Peter Hurley´s DVD „The art behind the headshot“ and heard Peter say that he likes to shoot his portraits horizontally. He loves the negative space. I totally agree with him and normally prefer shooting horizontally too. But I thought that I will not be able to control the background of the strangers all the time. Taking the photo vertically makes it so much easier to fill the frame and I want all the focus on the person´s face. I am not trying to take an environmental portrait. What do you think? Which format do you prefer?