I think I have not mentioned it before but at Henry´s last Exposure show I bought a new tripod. For the last few years I have been working with a small Slik Pro 613 CF Carbon Fiber tripod but I have to bend down a lot to look through my camera´s viewfinder. For some time I was looking around to get a higher and more stable tripod. There are so many amazing tripods out there but the ones I really liked were a little out of my budget. In the end I do not use tripods that much. I bought a Manfrotto 190More and so far I am quite happy with it. I think I will post a short review some time in the future. This is a photo of Mississauga by night. I am pretty sure Mississauga will have a great downtown in some years but right now it still feels like a village. Unfortunately there is not much to do.

Slik Pro 613 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod