Maybe it´s because I grew up in a rural area or because I’m getting older but I always feel the need to get out of the city. Mississauga isn’t as stressful like European cities of a similar size but I like to be outside in the nature. On our several drives down to the Niagara Falls we always had to pass Hamilton. At first glance it seems that this area doesn’t have to offer very many natural attractions since all that you see from the highways are heavy industry and smokestacks. The more we were surprised to find out that Hamilton is home to more than 100 waterfalls and cascades. We were still a bit sceptical and looked for information online. We came across a website called Cascades and Waterfalls of Hamilton which has a list of the top 16 waterfalls in the area with images and short descriptions. Last weekend we went and were surprised how beautiful Hamilton´s surroundings and the Niagara Escarpment are. Especially with many trees still showing off their beautiful autumn colours. The Webster´s Fall and Tew Fall are just a convenient and easy 20 minute walk apart from each other. It´s definitely worth a visit. Besides, it was a great change to take some photographs of landscapes and some long exposures of the water. As well we had the opportunity to try my latest gadget a Westcott 28″ Softbox. But I will write about that in the next blog post.