You have invested some time of thinking and designing your pumpkin. But what do you do with it once Halloween is over? Throw it away? Compost it? A more fun way for everybody is to take it to the Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade on November 1st.  We had heard about it and had to go to have a look for ourselves. It was amazing what some people came up with. I guess North Americans are more used to see artistic pumpkins than Europeans are. But some of the designs and finishes were unbelievable. There were thousands and it was hard to pick a favourite. I didn’t bring my tripod but there were way to many people anyway. Somehow I managed to get some nice photos to share with you.
I would love to see something similiar next year in Mississauga. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the Celebration Square filled with Pumpkins. By the way the
pumpkins will be picked up the good folks at Parks, Forestry and Recreation for composting the next day.