On October 22nd the dead rose again for the 9th annual Toronto Zombie Walk. More than 7,000 Zombies participates in this walk in Toronto Downtown. After the St. Patrick´s Day Parade and Gay Pride it was the 3rd time that we were seeing people showing off their costumes in the streets. So far the Zombie Walk was my favourite event. People walked on the sidewalk which made the whole experience more intense and you just felt being a part of it. The creativity and quality of the costumes and acting talents of many participants were simply amazing. Some creepy Zombies scared us and others just made us laugh. However it was a great opportunity taking portraits of people who were more than willing to pose for quick photo. I think next year we will participate in the walk too. We should better start preparing there are only 360 days left to create an awesome costume. Don’t miss the rest of my photographs which you can find here: Photographs Toronto Zombie Walk 2011