Halloween was coming closer and we started seeing pumpkin faces all over the place. I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life. Halloween has no tradition in Europe and is just starting to kick off. I guess by watching so many American movies and TV shows it feels more familiar. Besides, companies see the change to make an extra profit with Halloween themed items. However, with our move to Canada this had to change. So, last weekened we drove through the countryside of the GTA and looked for a farm to pick our own pumpkin and found a really nice one. After some Youtube videos, no special tools (just a regular knife and a spoon) and an hour of carving we finished our first pumpkin. Of course a photo had to be taken and it all got of control. Instead of having a quick snapshot of our new temporary family member I ended up mounting three flashes and we ended up with a real nice portrait of my girl friend and the pumpkin. You can see an image of the set-up here: Strobist set-up