One day in the life of Mickey Mouse III, originally uploaded by


I caught this Mickey Mouse in Madrid´s centre at Plaza Mayor. Actually I saw at least 3 of them walking around trying to catch some the tourists´ attention. It was still about 30ºC and I think it must be pretty tough walking around in that costume all day long. So, I think he just needed a little break to rest for a while. One of my friends asked me if he was sad because Minnie Mouse left him.

Today I thought again about changing my life and I think I have to try. I already twittered that it´s better to fail than never have tried. But I have to admit that I´m a bit scared of failure. Probably this is the best time in my life. I´m still young and not responsible for anyone. Only for myself. If thinks won´t work out I could still work as Mickey Mouse too.