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When I started this photoblog I thought that I wouldn´t keep on doing it for long. There are so many blogs that just have a couple of entries and just stay like that forever. I haven´t really written a lo during this time and mainly did my pictures speak for themselfves.

During the last month a lot of things have changed in my life and I think that I am will just have to start all over. I yet don´t know how I will manage this but whatever I will do I know that I have to be passionate about it. Photography is one of my passions and I hope that somehow it can play a more important role in my life. I´ll keep you posted.

Two weeks ago I spent a weekend in Barcelona where I spent many years. I met with my old friends for a photowalk. However, taking pictures wasn´t as important as chatting about old times and the recent past. This is Victor and you can visit his Flickr Stream at: www.flickr.com/vdbdc

By the way, does anybody knows where to get a mannequin? I´d really love to have one to practice my lightening.